Easter Sunday: The Lord is Risen, Alleluia

Good Friday belonged to men; they could do what they wanted, and they did their worst – they nailed Jesus to the Cross. But Easter Sunday belonged to God. Men have no part in it, except to watch in awe and amazement at the marvelous things God was doing. Men condemned Jesus to death, but God raised Him to life.

St. Paul said, “Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father (Rom 6:4)”. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the manifestation of God’s power. In any battle between God and man, God will win in the end. The working of men against God is always doomed to failure; the tower of Babel will always end in confusion and defeat because it purports to work against God.

The evil actions done by men on Good Friday will always be defeated, and Easter will be the final word in the battle between good and evil. To those who are on God’s side, victory will always be theirs. By the Resurrection of Jesus, evil is overcome and death is defeated.

The disciples after the resurrection of Jesus began a new life – a life, where their sins were blotted out, and a new life in the spirit they began. Our sins are washed clean by the blood of Jesus and we can begin a new life, in the friendship and fellowship of Christ. The Resurrection of Jesus reminds us that our life extends beyond the grave.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are Easter people. We belong to the Risen Lord. May He grant you the most blessed and grace-filled Easter. May the Risen Lord fill your hearts and homes with His peace and joy.

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