New Parish Pastoral Council at St. Teresa’s Church, Moulali


A 43 member new Parish Pastoral Council has been constituted in St. Teresa’s Church as per Statutes for Parish pastoral Council in the Archdiocese of Calcutta stipulated by Archbishop Thomas D’Souza. The Council consist of 4 Priests, 5 Nuns, 15 laymen and 19 laywomen. The official induction/dedication ceremony of the new members took place on the 13th of August during the 6pm Mass celebrated by Fr. Elias D’Mello the Parish priest and concelebrated by Fr. Naveen Tauro, Fr. Subrata Baidya and Fr. Sandeep Dungdung.  This was followed by a brief informal gathering in the Parish Hall.

Fr. Elias D’Mello, Parish Priest during his homily said that the readings of the day were well suited for the purpose, especially the Gospel, that reflected on the fact that Jesus, said to St. Peter ‘You man of little faith, why did you doubt’. It also states our weak faith wrapped in human weakness, on the contrast while saying the homily Parish Priest pointed out the fact that the same Jesus, entrusted St. Peter, with the responsibilities of His Church on earth, saying ‘And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.’ With these words he reminded them that it is the Lord who calls the weak and gives them the greater responsibility to feed his sheep.  He thanked the members for their readiness to serve on the Parish pastoral council, and urged them to work hard as a team for the greater glory of God and all round growth and wellbeing of the parish, always keeping in focus good of the parishioners. Our congratulations and good wishes to the Council members.


Fr. Naveen Tauro


“Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is risen.” – Alleluia.

Today we are commemorating a unique event, unparalleled in history. Nothing like this has ever been heard before Christ or after Christ. Lazarus was raised by Christ from the dead, but he died again. Jesus Christ rose from the dead to die no more. He has risen from the world of the dead, with unearthly splendor and glory. Today we celebrate the triumph of life over death, hope over despair, light over darkness, goodness over evil.

Our Blessed Lord has conquered death; now he reigns in glory. He has redeemed us by paying his blood as the price. He became obedient unto death, death on a cross. Therefore the heavenly Father raised him from the dead and gave him a name above every other name.
The fact of the Resurrection seems to have been revealed in stages. We have first the empty tomb, then the angels and finally the Risen Jesus himself. The narratives of the Resurrection thus begin with the sorrow of the women, move to amazement and end in great joy. We can imagine the tremendous confusion that would have filled the hearts of the disciples when this event first dawned on their consciousness. The impact was dramatic and life-transforming, and their ‘readiness to lay down their lives reveals the depth of their faith. The Resurrection of Jesus was their own Resurrection, in a special way, since it filled them with life and energy. Jesus may have come out of the tomb but the apostles had to come out of their cocoons. Through the Resurrection, they received the power to finally understand the scriptures and initiate their mission. We realize that the Lord’s Resurrection is the guarantee of the resurrection of the dead.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are an Easter people. We belong to the Risen Lord. May he grant you a most blessed Easter. May the Risen Lord fill your hearts and homes with his peace and joy.

Action : 1. Do one act of kindness today and do it secretly. 2. Visit a friend or loved one whom you have not seen for a long time.

– Fr. Elias D’Mello, Parish Priest



Thursday (06-04-2017)
6.00 p.m. : CHRISM MASS
Cathedral Church, Murgihata
Blessing of Oil for Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders and Annointing (No Evening Mass in our Church).

Palm Sunday (09-04-2017)
Blessing of PALMS in St. John Berchmans’ School Hall at 6 pm and Procession to the Church. No Palms will be given during Masses. Blood Donation Camp : 9 am to 12 noon.

Tuesday (11-04-2017)
5.30 p.m. : Confession (Ground Floor)
6.00 p.m. : Mass

Wednesday (12-04-2017)
5.30 p.m. : Confession
6.00 p.m. : Mass

Maundy Thursday (13-04-2017)
Let us pray for our priests.
10.00 a.m. to
12.00 noon : Confession (Ground Floor)
5.00 p.m. : Holy Eucharist (No Washing of feet)
6.30 p.m. : Celebration of Jesus’ Last Supper
(Washing of feet) Please return the plastic pot during the offertory.
8.00 p.m. : Adoration – Jesus is Betrayed (We watch and pray with the Lord) – Ground Floor
8.00 p.m. to
9.00 p.m. : Mahila Samity
9.00 p.m. to
10.00 p.m. : S.V.P., Legion of Mary & C.L.C. Mothers, Fatima Apostolate, St. Anthony Samity.
10.00 p.m. to
11.00 p.m. : St. Teresa’s Youth & Altar Boys
11.00 p.m. to
12.00 Night : Neo-Catechumenate

Good Friday (14-04-2017)
The Passion and Death of Jesus (Day of Fast and Abstinence.
5.00 a.m. to
12.00 Noon : Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
6.00 a.m. : Way of the Cross on the streets
10.00 a.m. to
11.00 a.m. : Confession (Ground Floor)
1.00 p.m. to
2.00 p.m. : Rosary with Bible reading
2.00 p.m. to
2.40 p.m. : Way of the Cross
3.00 p.m. : Celebration of Jesus’ Passion and Death
Holy Communion Service
Veneration of the Holy Cross
Period of Silence and Prayer
6.00 p.m. : Divine Mercy Novena

Holy Saturday (15-04-2016)
Day of Mourning and Silence with our Sorrowful Mother
10.00 a.m. to
12.00 Noon : Confession (Ground Floor)
6.00 p.m. to
8.00 p.m. : Confession (Ground Floor)
6.00 p.m. : Divine Mercy Novena
8.00 p.m. to
10.00 p.m. : Church is closed
11.00 p.m. : EASTER VIGIL
Blessing of Fire; Back of the Church (Easter Proclaimation) Bring a candle.
Liturgy of the Word
Blessing of Water
(Renewal of Baptism Promise)
Liturgy of the Eucharist

Easter Sunday (16-04-2017)
Masses as on Sunday Morning (No evening Mass in our Church)
6.00 p.m. : Divine Mercy Novena

Divine Mercy Sunday (23-04-2017)
11.30 a.m. : Adoration and Confession, Chaplet
2.00 p.m. to
3.00 p.m. : Confession
3.00 p.m. : Mass (1st Floor)

Parish Office will remain closed from
13-04-2017 to 17-04-2017


The high point in the liturgy of the church throughout the year is the Holy Eucharist. But only once a year, the liturgy is not centered on the Sacrament but on the event. This day is Good Friday, when mass is not celebrated but we contemplate and adore only the Cross. From the fourth century onwards, there have been services for the adoration of the Cross on Good Friday , and these were destined to have a very positive influence on the faith and worship of Christians throughout the centuries . This is the day when “ the mystery of the Cross shines out” (Raniero Cantalamessa). Read more

24 Hours For The Lord: Adoration & Sacrament of Confession

24 Hours For The Lord: Adoration & Sacrament of Confession. Recommended by Pope Francis in this jubilee year of Mercy.

As decided at the Parish Council meeting held on 28.02.2016. Read more