Council for Catholic women of India (CCWI) under the CBCI, has unity in all the dioceses in India.

Hence under the archdiocese of Kolkata, St. Teresa of Avila Mahila Samity, Moulali has been initiated in 2001 under the guidance  and financial support of Fr. Orson Wells the then Parish Priest. The effortless inputs and support with help of Mrs. Sita Rodrigues and Mrs Shanti Gomes who were also the national council members. The Mahila Samility started with 15 numbers and now the members have increased over the years.

The organization runs its activities with the contributions received from its members and from all the individual s and Bags (Brihottoro Aatharo Gram Samaj)

The activities are of two folds:

  • Spiritual & Church Activities
  • Social & Cultural Activities

I – Spiritual & Church Activities (Internal & External)

  • Participate, organize and conduct the choir for the masses celebrated in the Holy Week, New Year & Christmas (Bengali) & decorate the church on special occasions.
  • Organize Novenas throughout the year in Bengali.
  • Participate and organise seminars in the Church and in the Archdiocese.
  • Inter-Action body dialogue and participation in the church and in the Archdiocese.
  • Home visit and home prayer services done regularly.

II- Social & Cultural Activities

  • Organising the Girl Child Day event and other awareness events based on the fact that girls are the gifts of God.
  • Food distribution to street children and to the children of the various schools.
  • School book distribution and organizing Sports and games events with the school children.
  • International Women’s Day celebration with cultural & spiritual events, with various guest speakers talking on the role of women on the modern day society.
  • Parent’s day celebration.
  • Participation in the Christmas Carol Competition.
  • Jumbo Sale organized for the poor in our parish.
  • Visiting the Sick.

The samity is grateful to Mrs Shanti Gomes for taking the leadership and thankful to the Parish Priest, Brihottoro  Aatharo Gram Samaj, and the members for their generous efforts and donations to run the samity.