(Sunday 9:15 AM Choir)

Where it all Started…

In late August, during the monsoons of the year 2007, as in every church our church was also having Our Lady of Vailankanni novena. Three boys got together to sing for the novena. Since they did not have much knowledge of how a choir sings as a group, they were pathetic. That evening after the mass a young girl volunteered to help them out, and she approached a young boy from St.Xavier’s Collegiate School and a fellow parishioner to take over and lead the group just for the period of the novena. And so it happened, as the days of the novena passed, the number of singers increased everyday, the young parishioners came forward and by the final day the choir strength was ten and indeed the singing was good. The group had no intentions of singing for the church after the novena, but God had other plans for them. The very next day the choir was asked to sing for a special mass organized by the Fatima Apostolate of the church. They sang beautifully and the parish priest approached the head asking them to sing for the church regularly and take over the 9:15 Sunday morning mass, to which the whole group agreed. And so it all began, the journey which has lasted for Ten years till date and which will carry on as long as God wants it to be.

The Journey…

Though many new members have come, old have left and a few faithful old members joined back, we have kept moving on. There have been masses when the choir master had to sing alone or with just one more member, but still we have gone through thick and thin. People, down the years, have tried to put the faithful down. But the one with God’s blessing stands.

GENESIS, like every other group, ours has faced many challenges and set backs, but we always came through the storm stronger than before. The Lord has called us, He has surely brought us through.

We are not just another Choir, We are Family!

Over the years we have been singing for weddings, baptisms, funerals etc and the money which we have collected has been capitalized by buying equipment for the group like microphones, lead wires etc. We also use this money for our get-togethers and parties. We go for our Annual Picnic on the 23rd of January every year.

This group consists of the age group from 12 to 28 comprising students of school, colleges and universities and few are working too. Our members are from the various action bodies of the Calcutta Archdiocese too, both at the state and national level from SIGNUS, ICYM, STY, CAB etc, who all come under one banner of our great parish St.Teresa’s Church with the continuous and never ending support of our parish priest, the priests of the parish, the parishioners and the vibrant youth.

Our group as it stands today, comprises 19 members:-

Our leading ladies: Margaret Gomes, Sharon Gomes, Benoite Singh, Teresa D’Rozario, Jessica Das, Esther Rebeiro, Caroline Chater, Maria Anju.

Leading male vocalists:  Pronoy Gomes, Sourabh Mondal, Atharton Biswas, Julian Gomes, Roland Gomes, Lawrence Rozario, Shourav Biswas and Kaushik Gomes, Vincent Khan. Our instrumentalist is Franco Gomes at the keyboard. And last but not the least the Choir Master, Adrian Phillips leading from the front who is the lead vocalist and plays the keyboard too.

When all of us come together as one we are know as GENESIS. Together we stand Singing Praises to the Lord. We pray that we should be able to sing till our very last breath. Do pray for us. God bless.

Adrian Phillips

Adrian Phillips

Choir Master